The Craft of Writing - Interviews

Sofie Laguna

Sofie Laguna was the winner of the 2015 Miles Franklin Award for her second novel for adults, The Eye of the Sheep. Her other adult novels are One Foot Wrong, The Choke, and most recently, Infinite Splendours. She has also written a number of acclaimed and award-winning children’s chapter and picture books.

Alex Miller

Alex Miller is one of Australia’s most celebrated authors. Twice winner of the Miles Franklin Award, and winner of the Commonwealth Writers Prize and the Melbourne Prize for Literature, every new release by Alex creates a sense of excitement among Australia’s writing community.

Nikki Gemmell

Nikki Gemmell has a background in journalism and has written best-selling novels, memoirs, children’s books, and has a weekly column in The Weekend Australian in which she holds little back – about herself or her views. She could well be described as an over sharer. Her books include The Bride Stripped Bare, Shiver, Cleave, After, The Book of Rapture and The Ripping Tree.

Maria Tumarkin

Maria Tumarkin is a writer, cultural historian and teacher of creative writing, whose four books, Traumascapes, Courage, Otherland and Axiomatic have challenged, confronted and changed the landscape of Australian non-fiction. Her awards include the Melbourne Prize for Best Writing and the international Windham-Campbell Literature Prize. Axiomatic was named one of The New Yorker’s Top Ten Books of 2019. 

Graeme Simsion

Graeme Simsion is the author of several best-selling novels, The Rosie Project, The Rosie Effect, The Rosie Result and The Best of Adam Sharp. He co-wrote Two Steps Forward with his partner Anne Buist. He is also a script writer and short-story writer, but perhaps most importantly for our purposes, I’ve always found him one of the writers most willing to talk about the craft of writing.