Money-back Guarantee

The Writing 101 Money-back Guarantee

I am so confident about the quality of the content of the Writing 101 courses that I am offering a guarantee that other writing courses would not dare offer.

My guarantee is this: If you sign up for any of my courses and, on completion, you honestly feel that your knowledge and skills have not been improved at all, just contact me at and I will refund the entire cost of your course.

And I’ll go further: if you think you gained something but only half of what you expected, contact me and I’ll refund half of the cost. In fact, if you did not think it was 100% useful, just tell me how useful it was and I’ll refund the difference. 

I’m doing this because I know how useful and well-targeted these courses are. I wouldn’t give this guarantee if I wasn’t confident of the content in them.

There’s no catch here (you just have to claim within one month of signing up for the course) – so what have you got to lose.

Either you get your money’s worth or you get your money back.