Free workshop for writing groups | THIS WEEK: Spirit of Punk

Thank you to all those who have signed up for one of my courses and told me how much they have gotten out of it. The feedback is greatly appreciated. I thought it might be a good idea here to reiterate who my courses are aimed at – how they would benefit from doing one of them. If you answer yes to any of the following, then my courses were designed for you.

  • Do you have a passion for writing but have never done an intensive writing course?
  • Do you live remotely and not have access to regular writing workshops and courses?
  • Do you want to improve your writing without spending a fortune and a great deal of time?
  • Are you too busy to do a writing course at a university or college but would love to get the same essential learnings as students of such courses get?

I have three courses at StoriesWriting a Memoir, and Business Writing. And let me remind you of my guarantee. If you sign up for any of my courses, and on completion you honestly feel that your knowledge and skills have not been improved, just contact me at and I will refund the entire cost of your course.

There’s no catch – so what have you got to lose? Either you get your money’s worth or you get your money back. 

If you are a member of a writing group, and would like me to deliver a free workshop titled The Art of Feedback, contact me at
It doesn’t matter where you are. If I am able to deliver it in-person, I will; if not, we can organise it via Zoom or Teams. 

This workshop is deliberately not titled ‘the art of giving feedback’ because feedback is a dual process. Learning how to accept feedback is as important as knowing how to give it. ‘The art of feedback’ provides valuable advice for both sides, with particular emphasis on the features of fiction and non-fiction writing that need to be at the heart of feedback. 

This is for writing groups, not for individuals – and don’t forget, it is free.

We can organise a date for anytime next year. Just drop me a line at

If you read this newsletter before Thursday 2 December and live in Melbourne, why not come along to the open mic event for emerging writers that I run? 

It’s called Spirit of Punk and it’s on at Buck Mulligans Whiskey Bar, 217 High St, Northcote VIC 3070, on Thursday 2 December at 6.30. Spirit of Punk is a wordslam/reading event that evokes the ethos of punk rock – to have a go and have your voice heard.

Come prepared or improvise – any genre, any style – just no longer than a Ramones’ song. You can read a piece of your own creative writing, or just sit back and enjoy those who do.

Hope to see you there!

This month’s writing tip relates to business writing.

Before you write anything, you need to determine who is going to read your work. Perhaps more importantly, when it comes to business writing, you need to ask the question: What is my audience’s existing knowledge of the topic? 

How much time do you currently give to thinking about your audience before you start writing? Obviously, if you are writing to people you know, or have engaged with before, it’s become intuitive. But what about those times you are writing to someone or a group of people for the first time?

The longer you spend trying to understand your audience, the more chance you have of accomplishing whatever it is you want them to do.

Thank you for subscribing to this newsletter. Writing 101 was designed for people like you in mind. I know you won’t be disappointed if you sign up for one of the courses. And don’t forget the money-back guarantee.


Nicolas Brasch.

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